Experience excellence in railcar repair and storage

Odyssey Railcar, a family of railcar service companies, offers freight car repair, short-line railroad, and storage services. With 50+ years of combined industry experience, our management prioritizes top-tier customer service, ensuring quick repairs and quick response times. Trust Odyssey Railcar for efficient and reliable railcar solutions.

What We Offer

RailCar Services

Odyssey Railcar provides full-service freight car repair and  maintenance to railcar owners and shippers at two strategically located repair shops


We offer short-term or long-term storage of loaded or empty railcars. We are unit train interchange capable, providing versatile storage for almost any car type with ample space as well as a variety of additional service offerings.

The Odyssey Group

Service locations

Repairs & Maintenance
Odyssey Railcar Corporation

Odyssey Railcar Illinois in Carterville, IL, is M1003 certified railcar repair shop, showcasing our dedication to top-notch railcar repair services. Strategically located with access to Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad (COER), we connect with the BNSF and UP.

Light Repairs & Storage
Odyssey Railcar Corporation

Odyssey Railcar Wisconsin is a railcar storage yard spanning 177 acres in New Auburn, WI. The site is served by the Wisconsin Northern Railroad and interchanges with Union Pacific. With over 3 miles of well-maintained tracks, our yard is an ideal solution for railcar storage. Beyond storage, we also provide light repairs and inspections for your fleet.

Storage, Repair & Maintenance

The Herrin Railroad is a 3.7-mile short-line railroad in southern Illinois with interchange via BNSF. We offer storage on the line, with capacity exceeding 600 cars. Our purpose-built ladder track underscores our commitment to effective storage management. Proximity to Southern Illinois Railcar uniquely positions us to address all repair needs for cars parked on the Herrin Railroad.

Repairs & Maintenance

Cape Fear Railcar in Fayetteville, NC, is a freight car repair shop with a strategic location for efficient client service. Location is directly connected to CSX. Explore our dedicated website for comprehensive information on our offerings, capabilities, and commitment to quality.

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At Odyssey Railcar, we are your solution for comprehensive railcar services. Our expert team specializes in meticulous railcar inspections, ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance. From repairs, maintenance, and upgrades covering a wide range of car types, we prioritize the longevity and optimal performance of your fleet. Our cleaning services maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your railcars, while wheel replacement is executed with precision to enhance overall reliability. With our mobile repair service, we bring convenience and expertise to your location. Air brake testing is a crucial part of our commitment to safety. Explore our re-stenciling programs for a professional and compliant appearance. At Odyssey Railcar, we go beyond the basics with specialized program work, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your railcar fleet.

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